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Bako is a comprehensive suit of infrastructure solution for asset management on Fuel Network and beyond, representing our full capability in web3 development.


Securing assets

As the mainnet launch approached, Fuel Network required a multisignature wallet solution to support other projects within its ecosystem. InfinityBase received grants to initiate Bako Safe, which is quickly emerging as a top-tier project in the network.

By integrating cutting-edge features in pair with global blockchain advancements, Bako Safe evolved into a comprehensive asset management suite, providing seamless and secure management solutions, and effectively addressing the fragmentation challenges faced by decentralized applications in their operations.

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Bako ID

The introduction of human-readable domains was intended to enhance user experience in Web3 by replacing hash addresses. However, this led to a new gold rush for domain arbitration during protocol launches.

By implementing a handle system, we simplified the portability of legacy identities from Web2 to Web3, significantly reduced the occurrence of phishing accounts, and provided a substantial evolution in the UX of Fuel. All of this is seamlessly integrated with Bako Safe.

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