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Started by thoroughly understanding the business model and then delivered an end-to-end solution combining chatbots, payment gateways, and back-office systems. This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology that drives industry advancements.


Driving vehicle sales efficiency

CarroPago was established to enhance the financial organization and efficiency of vehicle dealerships, focusing on maintaining a healthy inventory. Combining over 20 years of software market experience with decades in vehicle sales, CarroPago simplifies life for wholesalers, fleet managers, and dealerships aiming to thrive in the used car market. Their unique system facilitates safe and discreet transactions between market agents, optimizing cash flow and inventory management.

As the technology partner for CarroPago, Infinity Base implemented a robust and secure platform to support CarroPago’s vision of revolutionizing vehicle sales. By leveraging modern solutions, CarroPago now offers an innovative and seamless environment for car transactions, significantly enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

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